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WebSite Developmer

Studio Bolon.ru can offer the following services in the area of sites:

Site design - business cards, website - showcases.
Development of image sites.
Developing a business website.
Processing sites - personal web pages and personal websites.
Processing of news sites.
Development of information portals.
Creation of Internet directories.
Creating a presentation sites.
Creating promotional - sites.
The development of representative sites.
Development of corporate websites.
Development official site, site of the city, administrative and government sites.
Creation of online dating sites.
Development and creation of Internet site - shopping, entertainment, portal, and more.
Why a website?

Personal web site the company occupies a very important place. Your Site - it's your assistant for earnings in the Internet environment. Web portal allows you to attract new customers, partners and employees, increase sales and find new markets, and is the face of the Internet. Therefore, companies who use the Internet - technologies to promote their products and services, a priori, are more successful than their competitors, do not move in this direction.

How much will the development of a web site?

The cost of creating the site is determined by such factors as the amount of time spent on creating the site and use the technology. On our portal you can order the creation of a site on the Internet cost from 14,000 rubles.

How to choose a Web studio?

Choosing a web studio to find out what experience they have, to see the results of their work. First necessary to define their requirements and a range of services you are interested.

The main stages of creating the site are:

Preparatory stage.

Defines the concept of the future site, the main objectives and target audience of the project. At this stage we formulate and highlights the ideas on which will be developed by a technical task. In addition, it is important to familiarize with the sites of companies - rivals.

Develop Terms of Reference (TOR).

TOR is a document detailing the sections and pages of the future site. This document will use the artist creating a site.

Development of a sketch design of the site.

When you create a site design designer draws the page templates to choose fonts and graphic elements. In addition the designer is working on site usability (usability - Engl. Convenience) - readability and ease of use. If the site design meets the customer's requirements, his claim, and if not - make the necessary changes or develop a new version.

Programming and coding web pages

Programming is one of the most important stages of creating the site. The approved design of the site with all the graphics coder takes in an intelligible form of the browser (for layout). Then the programmer writes scripts that perform as described in the Terms of Reference for the behavior of pages web - site.

Phase content and testing.

Ongoing site content by adding text and graphics. Also, at this stage, the testing site in the context of the correctness of the software. If you find any problems (bugs), the programmer fixes the problems and inaccuracies.

Stage of putting the finished site and launch site.

Later, between the performer and the customer, usually signed a contract to support the site.

The site should not simply exist, it should work for you, help you find new customers and inform those who are already working with you. Your Site - it's a turnkey solution for opening and maintaining your business online.

Experience our work suggests that our websites remember about them and tell them to come back. Sites that we have developed are popular due to its convenience, simplicity and quality. And, finally, it all works for you and your business.